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A Practical Guide For Reinventing Your Career In MidLife


Starting Over is a small book about a big topic – career reinvention.

At a time when tech innovations and exogenous events like the COVID pandemic are disrupting businesses and jobs, and the very nature of how work is done, many previously valuable work-related skills are rapidly becoming obsolete. Even before the pandemic, jobs had been rapidly changing, evolving, and disappearing through the disruptive change brought on by tech innovations. But today, it is difficult to overstate the magnitude of job displacement worldwide where an event like the COVID pandemic accelerates the pace of creative disruption.

Career reinvention isn’t just a nice-sounding idea.

It is paramount to millions of people. Many people, especially those in midlife and midcareer, are struggling to rethink and reimagine their future and find transitioning to a new career overwhelming and scary, but it does not have to be that way.

Starting Over provides the essential principles and action steps for overcoming the challenges when remaking careers. In it, I encapsulate much of what I have learned after four personal career reinventions over four decades, as well as my coaching of many others during their life pivots. Whether you are transitioning because you are unemployed, frustrated that your skills have become irrelevant, or have an idea for a new business, Starting Over has you take a deep dive to identify what you need to change and how to reinvent yourself. This book is a practical step-by-step guide, with detailed roadmaps outlining each topic. Analysis of important research is shown, backed up by pertinent real-life examples of my own experiences and those of others to show the process of remaking careers.

If you find yourself at a crossroad in life, Starting Over will help you remake your career.


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Rajan Chopra is a former Wall Street derivatives trader turned executive coach and author. He helps C-suite and mid-level executives, investment professionals, and other high achievers in career reinvention, leadership development, disruptive change management, innovation and business strategy.

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A Practical Guide For Reinventing Your Career In MidLife